- "I realized what it meant for many women to be composers and to have to fight constantly for recognition. I finally learned women's names that were omitted in all the music-history books and music-encyclope- dias. As I said, a lot still has to be done, but I am sure there will be no future for women in music if we are not constantly staying alert, and willing to let our voices be heard."
Tera de Marez Oyens (1932-1996)
introduction panel 'Future of Women in Music', Alaska, August 14th, '93

- "Since the middle ages women have always been composing in any style, but their work has always been repressed . At first by the church, later on by their fathers, husbands, music editors, concert producers, music historians and the media."
Eva Weisweiler
in her book: 'Komponistinnen vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart', 1999

- "Music has nothing to do with gender or race`."
Ellen Christi, in: 'Femmes de Jazz', 1999
('Femmes de Jazz' is a television documentary about women in jazz in New York City, USA, broadcasted in Europe by Arte)

- "Music is far above gender. Only the society makes stereotype differences between women and man."
Susie Ibarra, in: 'Femmes de Jazz', 1999

- "Music is communication, and has nothing to do being a woman, yes or no. Music is not visual. Only the media and the audience think different about that. They listen with their eyes, instead of with their ears."
Ingrid Jensen, in 'Femmes de Jazz', 1999

- "It is so discourageing to hear from young women in music the same complaints as I experienced already twenty years ago."
Jane Ira Bloom, in 'Femmes de Jazz', 1999

- "One day somebody heard a recording of our music and he was so enthousiastic that he wanted to sponsor my trio; but when he found out that we were women he did not like it anymore."
Jeanne Lee, in 'Femmes de Jazz', 1999

- "Countrysinging women needed over 100 years to get recognition. I did not open doors, I kicked them open, which opened chances for Loretta (Lynn), Patsy (Cline) and Tammy (Wynette)."
Jean Shephard in: a BBC documentary on countrysinging women.

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