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Because the information we gather by ourselves is not only for our own operational purpose, we also would like to co-operate with research institutes on music and gender, musicologists, and others to organize 2-4 times a year lecture-meetings for small groups of interested people and media.

Aside from the planned festivals we are working on parallel symposions, seminars and workshops.

We are working on publications in Dutch language about management for small orchestras, because such information does not exist in our language-area. We also like to co-operate with specialists and researchers to bring out several publications in the field of women composers, women orchestra conductors, and women music performers.

On our website we inform interested visitors about the Raduga-Ensemble and our planned activities.
On the website we explore a register, with the names of women composers, titles of operas written by women, practising orchestra conductors, organizationa and orchestras. At the moment we are able to publish the names of aprox. 2700 women composers, 115 women orchestra conductors, about 600 titles of opera's and the names of the composers.

Network for professional women in music in The Netherlands (or Benelux)

In the Netherlands we started with founding a network for professional women in the field of music. Not only for composers and conductors, but also for women musicians, agents, managers of orchestras and stage directors, musicologists, marketeers, fundraisers, journalists, etc.

Public relations campaign
We started this year, 2003, a longlasting public relations campaign to eliminate prejudice against women composers and orchestra conductors and to ameliorate their image. Press releases, direct mail, lectures, workshops, etc will be used as instruments. We will try to interest every individual and organization, such as music conservatories, journalists, musicologists, women networks, classic records shops, musicians, ensembles, orchestras and choirs to join us into these activities.
Our target is to have - at least once a year, upon or around March 8 - every orchestra, ensemble and choir willing to perform a composition of a woman composer, and all classic record shops only one window installed, serious papers, both music and special interest and womens' magazines and broadcasts one informative item, dedicated to the work of women composers.

To make sure that the music of women composers is not longer neglected or falls into oblivion, intense co-operation is necessary in the whole field. We need both national and international support from and co-operation with all kind of societies and foundations of united professionals in music; not only from women but we also need support and co-operation from our male colleages.
Contact us please by mail, telephone, telefax or e-mail.

Info & Public Relations