Planned Activities
Planned Activities

To realise the main target of both the foundation board and the daily operations board of the Foundation Raduga-Ensemble has stated since the date of founding on May 5th, 1997, the way of working in a mission statement and a policy plan, which will be revised every year.
The present activities and to be developed activities are all subject to realising our targets.
Our planned activities are:
Every year a Tribute-project, dedicated to a woman composer (see under 'Orchestra')
Once a year realising an opera, written by a woman composer
Once a year organizing a contest for women composers, to write a new 15'-piece for string orchestra
Once a year an international concert tour
Once a year a concert-project with solo-play of young musically talented children
Every four years a Festival
Educational projects for schools/children
Lectures, symposions and publications
Schooling for young professional women musicians
Networking for professional women musicians
National and international co-operation
A 2-monthly Newsletter on internet
Internet register with a data base of women composers and women orchestra conductors
Co-operation in research projects by others
Permanent public relations activities to eliminate the prejudice against women composers and orchestra conductors and to ameliorate their image.